is the cost?

Can you put a price on love? Well you certainly can’t buy it but you can adopt it! The cost of adopting a dog or cat from a rescue or shelter might seem like a costly endeavor, but when you break it down – it really is very reasonable. To the animal whose life is saved – it is priceless. Our discounted cost to vet a cat or kitten is at least $120-$140. We are requesting a minimum donation of $75 – $90 per cat/kitten. Some animals may have a higher minimum requested donation. We have a Seniors adoption program that offers reduced costs at the discretion of management. This covers less than half of the vetting cost, but you can’t put a price on the joy of uniting these animals with a loving home.


Minimum Adoption Donation For Cats

$ 50 - 90 varies

Minimum Adoption Donation For Kittens

$ 50 - 90 varies

What is included

In adoption donation for cats and kittens
  • Spaying or neutering (must be old enough for spay/neuter or will spay/neuter when appropriate)
  • FIV and Feline Leukemia tests
  • Distemper and Rabies vaccines
  • Worming if needed


$ 90 varies

What is included

In adoption donation for dogs – dogs not available at present

All BGP dogs are spayed/neutered (non-pregnant),  heart worm tested, and up to date on vaccines before leaving our facility. If a puppy is too young for spay/neuter, a certificate will be provided.

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