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Surrender Information

There will always be more homeless animals than we can accommodate.  Those who are in immediate jeopardy are prioritized for admission depending upon available space and available financial resources.  Donations and community support directly impact our ability to help save lives. 

If you have an adoptable pet that you need to have re-homed, we recommend you contact all rescue resources in your area. BGP does not accept stray animals in most circumstances, but exceptions may be made.  If you have found a stray please contact the animal control agency for the county/city in which you found the animal.

Consider finding your kitten or cat another home instead of surrendering him/her to a shelter or BGP. This will be less stressful for your animal, allows you to play a part in uniting him/her with a new family, and makes additional space available for pets whose lives are at risk.

Please understand that BGP is committed to each of our animals for life! If you have proof that your pet has been spayed/neutered and has all current vaccinations and is in good health, there is NOT a surrender fee.  We do however request that you consider making a tax deductible donation to help us in the cost of caring for your pet during the adoption process.  

If you cannot provide proof that your pet has been spayed/neutered and has all current vaccinations and is in good health, there is  a surrender fee. Because of the quality care administered to all of our homeless pets, we require a $50-$150 donation (depending on help much vetting is documented and whether or not the cat has been spayed/neutered already) for cats to help offset the costs involved in care of your pet.if your pet is accepted into our adoption program. This nominal fee does not come close to covering the significant cost of medically caring for, sheltering and adopting out your pet.  Our average cost with vet discounts is $159 minimum per animal with our vet discounts.

Please fill out the surrender form and contact your veterinarian to obtain all updated medical information. Submit the below electronic surrender form.   Email your veterinary records proving up-to-date vaccination records including a Rabies Certificate, proof of spay/neuter, and proof of FIV/FLV status to You may also  bring the information to our facility if the surrender is approved.  We will review your information and if we feel your animal is a good match for our program, we will contact you to schedule a behavior and medical evaluation to accept your animal into our adoption program.

Contact us for more information or call us at 252-531-0453.

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