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Beare Garden Animal Rescue is a A NC licensed Animal Shelter (#368) Charitable Organization with 501(c)3 status. Our FEIN is 85-1574125.

Facility Phone: 252-746-8463 Emergency Number: 252-531-0453

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Sustainer are our Partners. Sustainers live a busy life and have many commitments, yet they make the effort to support us. They are compassionate, and feel so bad for the animals who are homeless or in danger, that even though they cannot be at the refuge in person and help us with us with the daily care of our kitties, they can provide us with the monthly support that has quickly become the foundation of our rescue organization. We cannot do what we do without your support, and that is why you – just as much as our staff and volunteers and cats are BGP. When you sign up to become a Sustainer for our refuge, you became part of our family and team, which has one mission only: to help as many abandoned, abused, and forgotten kitties as we can.

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Facility Phone: 252-746-8463 Emergency Number: 252-531-0453

Click the "Make it Monthly Box" to become a sustainer! NC licensed Animal Shelter and Non Profit Charitable Organization with 501(c)3 status.

Our FEIN is 85-1574125.

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Help us cover Doug′ bills. He was pulled from a local shelter and required surgery for his face.

Chloe was rescued after a business owner threatened to shoot all the cats coming on his property.

DELILAH′S STORY AND FUNDRAISER. The estimated cost for her dental work and spay are approximately $600. A little over two years ago, a PetSmart employee brought in what we thought was a very sick kitten who had been living under an abandoned house. She was tiny, weighing only maybe two pounds, in bad medical shape and her hair dirty and matted. She had probably never had human contact before and it has taken two years to get her to how she looks and acts now. She was actually a grown two year old adult, but in very sad condition. She is sweet, loving and follows you around like a dog. We do provide special care for her as she is FIV+. She has overcome much, but has been unable to get spayed as she always had a low grade fever or slight infection that prevented it. This Friday, Dr. Wyatt is doing her dental to address the infections and hopefully can get her spay completed as well. We have spent probably a couple of thousand on her over the years, but she is worth every penny. She gets along well with other cats but would be better off in a single cat home or with another FIV+ or non-agressive cat. She hasn′t been tested with dogs. She is quite happy at the rescue, but we would like to provide her with a real home and real family. She has much to offer. Like all BG cats, she is indoor only and declawing is not permitted. We are accepting applications for her adoption to the right home. Apply here:

Welcome Maybelline! She is seeking a home!

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Savannah is one of our newer kitties! She is like a puppy following you! Apply today

Nugget is with his new family in Beaufort County. He is being scheduled for his neuter. This is an amazing story of Nugget from being at a local public shelter for some length of time to in a family home in under 24 hours. This is so heartwarming for us. Just wonderful!

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