How to: Safely Bring Home a Rescue or Shelter Cat

Congratulations on choosing to adopt a rescue cat or kitten.  Many cats will initially be timid and shy. Cats need several days to adjust to a new home. You can help your cat in this adjustment period by providing a safe, quiet room for them. When you think your cat is ready, tempt them out with some toys or some food. Let the cats proceed at their own pace. Once your cat is comfortable, introduce them to other areas of the house. Cats are more active at night. To help them adjust to your schedule provide interactive toys and multiple play sessions. Urinary tract infections are common in cats. This can be fatal in male cats if not treated immediately. To avoid these diseases provide lots of drinking water for your cats. Drinking water can also prevent kidney failure in older cats. Cats love to nap so provide a variety of sleeping areas around your home. It is important to know the right technique when picking up your cat. Place one hand on its chest, just behind the cat’s front legs and use your other hand to scoop up their back end. Keep in mind cats don’t like being constrained. Cats will often chew on household plants out of boredom, curiosity or their just craving vegetation. Many common plants are toxic. Lilies can even be fatal. Be sure to decorate your home with only feline-friendly plants. Consider giving your cat a safe plant to munch on.

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