Once upon a time, a family had to give up several of their felines.

Enter Penny, Erie and Spot.
This older trio was saved but now reside in an enclosure.  They deserve to live out their days in the luxury and comfort of a home.
They are more couch potatoes than tree climbers.   They like to give and receive attention.
Penny is a dilute calico who wears her age well.  She is considered a hospice kitty.   She breathes like an old lady with emphysema but purrs with the strength and sound of a lioness.
Spot always greets us at the door with a soft but intentional meow.  Brilliant green eyes and a hidden smile, always.
Erie, a beautiful tuxedo, the silent, quiet type.  Would rather chill on the kitty cot versus engage.  Some ole folks are just set in their ways.
We realize our request is a particularly unusual one and finding a family for all three is going to be a rare feat!
But this bonded trio deserves a good life for the remainder of their lives.

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