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Who are we?

Beare Garden Animal rescue is located at the site of the original Beare Garden Plantation, 1164 US-258N, Snow Hill, NC 28580.

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Our Organization and Mission Statement

Beare Garden Plantation Animal Rescue’s mission is to ease the pain, hunger, abuse, as well as to provide shelter and help to find forever homes for the creatures God entrusted to us. By acting as a resource and educating the community about issues pertaining to animals, we feel that we can move toward the prevention of over breeding of animals. By facilitating adoptions of homeless and neglected cats and kittens we will be able to provide a short-term home for more unwanted or homeless cats and kittens.   Beare Garden Plantation Animal Rescue is a Charitable Fund of The Community Foundation of NC East, a 501 (c) 3 Organization

Physical Location: 1164 US Hwy 258-N Snow Hill, NC 28580
Phone 252-531-0453 emergency or urgent
Facility Answering Service 252-746-8463


0 Animals Rescued (Cats and Dogs) 2018
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0 Animals with new homes
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0 Animals Rescued (Cats and Kittens)
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0 Animals Rescued through 3/30/20
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All Time Statistics

0 Animals Rescued All Time (through 3/30/20)
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Our Goals 2020

Goal: 250 Pets find their forever home
Goal: Complete Education Resources Library Online
Goal: Reunite 10 Pets with their Families
Goal: Raise $175,000 during 2020
Goal: Complete Construction of Outside Enclosure Play Area
Goal: Secure 50 New Volunteers