Sustainer are our Partners.  Sustainers live a busy life and have many commitments, yet they make the effort to support us. They are compassionate, and feel so bad for the animals in need, that even though they cannot be at the refuge in person and help us with us with the daily care of our animals, they can provide us with the monthly support that has quickly become the foundation of our rescue organization. We cannot do what we do without your support, and that is why you – just as much as our staff and volunteers and animals  are The Bears Garden Plantation Animal Rescue.  When you sign up to become a Sustainer for our rescue, you became part of our family and team, which has one mission only: to help as many abandoned, abused, and forgotten animals as we can.

Sustainers help us in the following ways:  

$5 per month allows us to give vaccines to our cats
$15 per month allows us to purchase high quality food
$25 per month allows us to pay for necessary blood work needed for accurate diagnosis of sick cats
$50 per month allows us to purchase flea/tick prevention for 5 cats
$100 per month pays for vet visits for a special needs cat
$250 per month will let us feed 10 cats a high quality diet for a whole year!
Using Paypal, enter the dollar amount you wish to donate monthly and check the box “Make This a Monthly Donation”.   The receipt will show the recipient as The Community Foundation of NC East who processes the donations for Beare Garden Plantation Animal Rescue.  All funds will go directly the the Rescue.  

Projected Expenses 2020:  $190,000

$0 2020 Donations/Fundraisers
through 06/30/2020