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Everyday we receive requests begging for help from public shelters, desperate families and other organizations requesting us to help by taking animals who have no where else to go.   Regularly, we get appeals from a large area, even outside of NC, for help with providing food, veterinary care, litter and assistance in saving lives.  In about three years we have directly saved around 700 cats, kittens and dogs, accepting the injured, sick and those turned down by all other organizations who were full or unable to help.   We have helped countless families keep their pets by providing food, litter and urgent vet care.  We have paid for spay/neuters to reduce overpopulation for those who cannot afford to pay.

Beare Garden Animal Rescue’s mission is to ease the pain, hunger, abuse, as well as to provide shelter and help to find forever homes for the creatures God entrusted to us. By acting as a resource and educating the community about issues pertaining to animals, we feel that we can move toward the prevention of over breeding of animals. By facilitating adoptions of homeless and neglected cats and kittens we will be able to provide a short-term home for more unwanted or homeless cats and kittens.  Beare Garden Plantation Animal Rescue is a NC licensed Animal Shelter (LICENSE# 368 with a 100% compliance record based on State onsite surveys) and Non – Profit Charitable Organization with 501(c)3 status. Our FEIN is 85-1574125.

We receive no government funding and survive solely on donations and fundraising efforts.  Although we receive discounted rates at several local veterinarians, the average cost for a fully healthy cat or kitten for testing, vaccinations, routine vetting and spay/neuter is about $200 each.  The adoption fee only covers a portion of the cost.  We have had many emergency special needs or critical injury cases that have cost over $5,000.00 each.  We are licensed for up to 120 felines in our facility (not including foster numbers), but we must have the funding for veterinary care.  We operate our facility on a shoestring budget with overhead and funding for the 1.3 employees through private funding.   All funds from donations and this raffle go for veterinary care to allow us to save more lives.  You can make a difference right now.  Your donations for this raffle are tax deductible as allowed by IRS guidelines.  Won’t you please support our life saving effforts by buying raffle tickets?  We are offering a top cash prize of $1,000, and numerous items such as massages, cryotherapy, gift certificates and more.  We will add more items as the raffle progresses.    We are seeking sponsors and item donors.  Email for more information.

Thank you to our Sponsors and Prize Item Donors!

Want to Be a Sponsor?  Save a Life and Promote Your Business!

Sponsorship Levels

Level 1 $100

Your Logo on the Raffle Page through September 2021, promo materials and FaceBook Page


Level 2 $150

Your Logo on the Raffle Page through September 2021, promo materials and FaceBook Page plus a link to your website.

Level 3  $200

Level 1 and 2 benefits plus Logo on Homepage of with website link for duration of raffle through September 2021.   ________________________________________________________________________________

Level 4  $500

All of the above benefits plus a BANNER AD with a website link on the homepage of through September 2021.


Level 5  Item Donation

Donate an item for the raffle and receive recognition as the donor on the raffle page and a receipt.

Ready to Sign up as a Raffle Sponsor?  Scan the QR Code below to sign up now, Email or call 252-902-7061 / 252-531-0453


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