On a misty March day, with the turning of the dirt, it began…..

SNOW HILL, N.C. (WNCT) — A new animal sanctuary broke ground Thursday in Snow Hill.

Beare Garden Plantation Animal Rescue Center is a place for animals to go when they don’t have a home.

The facility is working to cut down the animal euthanasia rates in Greene County.

“It’s the beginning of a dream I’ve had since I was two,” said co-founder and president Kathy Heath. “I don’t want to see animals euthanized anywhere.”

Kathy Heath’s wish is to save every animal in the world, and a part of her wish is coming true in Greene County.

“They can stay forever if that’s what’s needed,” said Heath. “Our main goal is we want to adopt them out and for them to have a forever home.”

The rescue or “sanctuary” is meant to relieve the amount of stray animals in Snow Hill and surrounding areas.

“People have told me I can’t save everyone, but you know the old saying, it matters to that one,” said Heath. “And that’s how I feel. Every one we can provide a home to is one more we took care of.”

“I’m very excited. It’s going to be a blessing,” said Tyra Scroggins, president of Cause-N-Dog Rescue. “Our little rescue – we can nowhere near cover the amount of animals in need.”

Tyra Scroggins is the president of Cause-N-Dog Rescue, the only place right now for strays to go in Greene County, besides the animal shelter.

“It’s going to bring more hope to more animals here and hopefully get more rescued out and adopted out and bring more awareness to the county,” said Scroggins.

Beare Garden Plantation Animal Rescue Center hopes to bring awareness by bringing in school classes, troubled youth and even nursing homes.

“The more love the animals get, the more loved elderly people feel. And so do children,” said Heath.

“My aunt, and my dad, and my sister really hope to save all the animals that are sick and that might be hurt out there that might almost have to be killed,” said Heath’s niece, Hannah Carroll.

The rescue is saving one animal at a time. They are going to begin with cats and eventually would like to expand to horses. If you want to donate to this cause, click here.

Television Coverage of the Ground Breaking